hoolia goolia (boom_queen) wrote,
hoolia goolia

BSG Vid - Bonafied Lovin by Chromeo, an OT3 fanvid

Title: Bonafied Lovin'
Song by Chromeo
Vid by boom_queen
Pairings: Anders/Kara vs Lee/Kara (Kara/Lee/Anders=OT3 baby!)
Spoilers: Contains footage up through episode 4.03
Summary: A smack-talking showdown between Anders and Lee. Either way Kara wins!

ETA: This vid won Most Humorous in Round 22 at Driver Picks the Music Awards, yay!

Download the big shiny vid here (30 MB)

Stream at youtube

Vidder Notes:
This vid brings me nothing but sheer JOY. The entire vidding process I was just giggling and grinning because the song is so silly and I love both of these ships so damn much. It was a delightfully cracky story to tell.

The only hard part of vidding this song (because I had this vid bunny aaaaaaaaages ago) was deciding which guy got which verse. I didn't put Anders first and Lee second because I was trying to make a case for either ship over the other, but just because the cockiness of the first verse's lyrics seemed a better match for Anders than Lee. But! Both men are cocky, and both think they deserve Kara better than the other, so the argument stands in any order.

On a related note, not trying to start any shipper wars! Being the crazy multi-shipping fangirl that I am, I am schizophrenic enough to love BOTH ships with equal but different fervor. There is 100% no offense intended.

Also, I want to give much deserved official credit to sweeney32's Vidding on a mac tutorial. I have referred to it for scary/confusing tech stuff on every vid for the last year and it has been a great resource.


Cross-posted like whoa.
Tags: anders ftw, bsg, cylons in need of sexing, having katee's babies, kara-love, leeeeeeeeee, pilot-love, tv boyfriends/girlfriends, vid, vidding
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