hoolia goolia (boom_queen) wrote,
hoolia goolia

Welcome to the fangirlish ramblings ofboom_queen, formerly known as jcathm.  This journal is partially friends-locked. My vids, podfic, and crack!poems are all open to everyone. I only lock posts with personal information. Feel free to comment and let me know a little about yourself if you want to be added :)

Vid master post
Fic master post
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Psst... did you know about this? And I found out about it via Maureen Ryan's blog! Yay, you!
Hey! I read one of your stories before it was locked and I really liked it. I'd love to read it again/read other stuff you've written, so if you'd like to friend me that'd be great! Um...something about me...well we obviously both love BSG! Oh! and my cats name is Leo(as in Leoben but I swear he's the sweetest little thing on four paws!)
Anyway, I'm kind of new to this whole...thing, so I'm really sorry if I'm doing this all wrong:) but if I'm not I'd love to hear back from you soon.

Nice to meet you queenofthrace, and of course I'll friend you :D
You don't really know me, but I'd like to read your stories that appear to be locked. The descriptions seem intriguing. Anything you want to know, just ask. I am over 21. Thanks!
i wanted to read your lee/kara/sam fic but it a was flocked. add?
Of course! Friended :)
Not sure how I found my way here but I'm friending you out of BSG love, if that's okay. :)
The BSG love is highly mutual. Bonus points for the Buffy and VM love too :) Friending back!


9 years ago

Hi.. I'm not sure how I came to your lj but then I found out that some fanvids i liked were yours.. like Bizarre Love Triangle which is one of my favourites. Anyway, I'm trying to add more bsg fans to my flist 'cause i didn't have many and well, i can say that i'm not somebody who posts a lot. About bsg, I'm not a big fan of kara but i don't dislike her either.. i just like more other characters like helo, sam and sharon.

so check my userinfo if you want before deciding :)
So glad you like that vid! And only to happy to friend back :)
Hi there. *waves* I've seen links to some of your apparently locked BSG fics and I'd love to be able to read them. Friend me? *gives you puppy eyes*
You caught me: I'm a sucker for puppy eyes ;)

*waves and friends back*
stumbled across your lj
I cap bsg and am a huge bsg fan.
I see you write fic and do videos, which Id really like to see.
I added you, so you can see my caps, and would like to be added back?
Sure thing. Looking forward to your caps :)
Hi, I would really like to read your BSG stories but they're locked- so I was hoping you could friend me. About me- um I obviously love BSG, Kara is my favourite character, and I love reading BSG fic (can you tell I'm obsessed with BSG?:) So anyway sorry to ramble on but I friended you, I hope you don't mind, and would really appreciate you considering friending me back.
Hi! *waves and friends back*

Feel free to read any locked stories. I'm always happy for more people to squee about Kara/Katee with :)


9 years ago

Hey :)
I am a german Battlestar Galactica Fangirl and I hope that you friend me back.
I have seen you are a Supernatural Fan too - I love this show too :)
Hi! Happy to friend you back :)


9 years ago

Hi! I found you through sasa_hq, your vids are great!!Well, I just wanted to tell you that I friended you, I hope you don't mind ;)
Of course I love BSG, especially the Pilots! :)
Yay! Friending you back :)
Heya :D it's Aleisha here finally friending you :)can't wait for the fun of mad ideas :D lol
Hi! I'm actually commenting about sasa_hq. I'm the mod over at pilotsbigbang and wanted to check and see if it would be ok to pimp the comm on sasa_hq, and possibly affiliate?


That adorable Loki pic drew me to your LJ & I wanted to leave a comment to say Hiii =] I'd love to be added & to hopefully be friends =] A little bit about me- I'm 23, Aries, living in London, and aye- go by the name Loki ^u^ Mind if I add you?

Suspended comment