hoolia goolia (boom_queen) wrote,
hoolia goolia

Sometimes I am amazed at my own capacity for nerdiness

So after seeing proggrrl's pretty BSG tote, I did a little cruising on cafepress.com myself and wound up buying a few tee's.

This one is based on a design by doomcrayon from last year's hiatus, but I've been meaning to make into a t-shirt since I first saw it.

Not sure who to credit for this one, but it's cute and fake-sporty looking--it'll match quite nicely with my Gryffindor House and UC Sunnydale tank tops ;) I like the stealth nerd shirts (where you have to be a fan to get it).

Again, it's all about the inside jokes. I couldn't quite bring myself to order "What Would Starbuck Do?", or "Kara Thrace and her Special Destiny: Farewell Tour", or "I'd Frak Starbuck". But this will serve nicely as my official I-want-to-have-Kara's-babies fangirl t-shirt.

Even cuter than my nerdy Buffy and Veronica Mars tee's of yore, if I do say so myself.
Tags: bsg, fangirling, kara-love, real life
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