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Vividcon vid and J2 AU fic recs

I have many many recs to share!

The aftermath of Vividcon is absolutely one of my favorite times of year. So many awesome vids popping up everywhere! And, as I was telling sundancekid last night at roller-skating, I truly realized this year how much I love dance-vids more than all others. Club Vivid is the BEST DAMN THING ON THE PLANET.

So. For a complete list of my recent vid faves, check out the vid tag on my delicious.

My Top 4 Club Vivid vids
  1. Dance With Me by chasarumba.
    Why? A dance!movie vid all about the sparkles, emotion and humor of ballroom dancing movies, including Strictly Ballroom, both Shall We Dance's (English and Japanese) and Dance With Me. There are several particularly funny moments of great dancing moves paired with the timing/lyrics of the song.

  2. Good by jarrow.
    Why? It's an unbelievably slick vid for Hairspray with perfect timing for all the dance scenes. Jarrow does some of the best beat-work around. "It's not enough to feel without feeling good."

  3. Starlight by buffyann.
    Why? Another delightful dance!movie vid with footage from so many recent hip-hop/dance movies like the Step Ups, Honey, Save the Last Dance, etc. So danceable!

  4. Jump Around by gwyneth.
    Why? "Get up, stand up, come on throw your hands up!" There is great comic timing and beat-work on this fabulous vid for the Angel series. Dancey vampires and demon hunters FTW!

  5. Candymen by Duckie.
    Why? It's an unabashed man-ogling fest with gorgeous 'candymen' from dozens of shows and movies. Ackles! Naveen! Momoa! Marsters! Welling! Bamber! Depp! Tennant! Fillion! Baldwin! Dohring! Boreanaz! And my current favorite...Padalecki!

Also. If you have never seen absolutedestiny's AMAZING Gold-digger vid, or luminosity's Vogue vid, then you need to like, um, NOW. They're not new but they're unparalleled dance vids.

In other news, I've read some PHENOMENAL world-building alt-history and/or sci-fi AUs recently in J2 fandom. Gorgeous writing and awesome premises. (For a complete list of my J2 AU faves, check out this tag on my delicious.)

My Top 4 recent J2 AUs
  1. Nosce Te Ipsum (Know Thyself) by Rei-C.
    Why? There is some GORGEOUS writing on this pre-slash alt-history/speculative-fiction story set in a contemporary culture where the Roman Empire never fell: "Jensen’s been living in the Empire for over eight years and he’s just now realising he has a problem."

  2. Monogatari by Winterlive.
    Why? It's a truly world-building alt-history, full of familiar but unique cultural details set in a future Samurai-era Japanese empire, and a gorgeously complicated and angsty relationship between Jensen and Jared as samurai master and student.

  3. Two-Spirits by slashboyz.
    Why? This is a long, complex and emotional/spiritual historical AU: "Jensen is a disgraced British soldier and exiled to a regiment in the New World to serve under Captain Morgan. Jared was adopted as a small child and raised by a native tribe. He has chosen the path of a two-spirit. When their worlds collide, the lives of all four men are changed forever."

  4. Veterans of the Psychic Wars by Kellwyntar and Kalireynn.
    Why? This has really intriguing world-building on the war-torn future AU, awesome character development for both Jen and Jay, and fabulous job with the slow build of their relationship and their connection on so many levels. I really love the idea of a bond/relationship that extends to physical, psychic, emotional and sexual levels. "Apart, they are broken and incomplete. Together, they just might save the world, and maybe even themselves."

As always, I love getting recs from you guys too :D
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