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Vid Sticky Post

All of my vids in one tidy-ish place ;)

Festivids and misc vids:
Acceptable in the Eighties - multi-source movie vid
Tap That - Faith/Dean crossover (BTVS/SPN)
Lunatic Fringe - a demon-hunting, ass-kicking Winchester vid (SPN)
Shoot the Runner - OT3 vid where Rodney and Ronon compete for John's attention (SGA)
Open Up - Fifth Element (Festivids 2009)
Magic Man - Labyrinth (Festivids 2009)
Love Today - Priscilla Queen of the Desert (Festivids 2010)
Little Bad Girl - Cry Baby (Festivids 2011)
Express Yourself - Newsies (Festivids 2011)
*NEW* Funkdust - Stardust (Festivids 2014)

BSG Vids:
Speed Racer - BSG, Kara and Kara/Lee crackvid
Bad Reputation - BSG, Kara/Lee and Kara/Anders
Sexyback - BSG, Kara and Lee
Humans Are Dead - BSG, Humans vs Cylons
Bizarre Love Triangle - BSG, Anders/Lee
Lie to Me - BSG, Kara/Anders
Pet - BSG, Kara/Leoben
Someone That You're With - BSG, Kara/Lee
Dangerous - BSG, Kara/Lee
Push It - BSG, Kara (Maelstrom episodic)
Knight Viper - BSG, Kara and Lee
Pilots - BSG, Kara/Lee crackvidlet
How Sweet It Is - BSG, Anders/Lee
Ball and Chain - BSG, Chief Tyrol
Take Me Now - BSG, multi-pairing slash extravaganza
Bonafied Lovin - BSG, Kara/Lee and Kara/Anders
Regulators - BSG, Kara & Helo BFF vidlet
Boys Wanna Be Her - BSG, a Kara-kicks-ass vidlet
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