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Festivids 2012: We Can Work It Out (Princess Bride)

Title: We Can Work It Out
Song by the Beatles
Source: The Princess Bride (1987)
Vid by boom_queen
Length 2:16

Summary: "Try to see things my way." A Festivids 2012 vid for imaginarycircus.

Download the mp4 version here 94 MB (feel free to ask for a re-upload if it disappears)

Streaming at YouTube (Note: give it a minute to start loading before you hit play, so you don't get skips in the middle!)

Vidding notes:
I had a specific song in mind for this vid, made a complete rough draft with that song, and then my beta was awesome/honest enough to point out that it really didn't work. So I started over--yikes. I was able to re-use several of my favorite ideas from the first draft. And now I'm super happy that I did start over because the song is a much better fit and it provided much more opportunity for humor.


Previous festivids: Open Up (Fifth Element), Magic Man (Labyrinth), Love Today (Priscilla, Queen of the Desert), Express Yourself (Newsies) and Little Bad Girl (Cry Baby).

Feedback is hugs and sunshine y'all!
Tags: festivids, movies, nostalgia, omg!squee!!!, vid, vidding
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