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20 Days of Vid Meme - Day 2

Day 1 - A vid that made you start watching a brand new show
Day 2 - A male character study vid you love - I've got 3 recs for this one!

Clint Eastwood and Paranoid Android by bop_radar - Boppy's Clint Eastwood is a searingly brilliant Gaius vid: he's a very schizophrenic character so the two vocal parts really play to his internal conflicts beautifully, making for a hilarious and insightful vid. Her Paranoid Android is THE definitive Lex vid--it is epic and breathtaking, encompassing all of his madness, charm and tragedy. No one does visual meta like Boppy!

That's Not My Name by talitha78 - This vid is such a blast to watch! It is fun, gorgeous and great meta on the Clark Kent vs Superman identity politics on Smallville.

Stress by Clucking Belles - Rodney + Stress = OTP. Some of the best physical humor ever! I love Rodney Mckay <3

Day 3 - A female character study vid you love
Day 4 - An ensemble vid you love
Day 5 - A vid everyone should see at least once
Day 6 - A vid you've watched at least ten times
Day 7 - A constructed reality/crossover vid you love
Day 8 - A vid you had to watch multiple times to understand
Day 9 - A vid that makes you cry
Day 10 - A vid that makes you laugh
Day 11 - An anime/animated vid you love
Day 12 - A relationship vid you love
Day 13 - Your "pick me up" vid of choice
Day 14 - A mood vid you love
Day 15 - A vid (by someone else) that has defined a con or period of time for you
Day 16 - A vid that told you something new about a show/movie you already loved
Day 17 - A vid you wish you had made
Day 18 - A vid that made you investigate that vidder's other work further
Day 19 - A movie vid you love
Day 20 - A narrative vid you love
[Day 21 - Make up your own question!]
[Day 22 - Make up your own question!]
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